Take Action. Achieve your 2022 Goals. Implement Personal Development, Mindset & Manifesting techniques and habits so you can increase your Income and grow your Small Business.

Split into a 'Get Clear on your Vision' Section, 'Monthly' Sections and a 'Year in Review' Section, start by getting clear on your business (and life) goals for 2022. Create the Vision for your year in 2022 (and you even have blank pages to create a Vision Board - a perfect addition to a Vision Board you already have or as a way to create one if you don't know where to start or don't have the room for one on your Wall).

Each month you'll have a:

  • Monthly Affirmation for inspiration
  • Calendar (over two pages giving you a space to make a small note on each day)
  • Sections to set your Sales Goal and Marketing Goal with some journalling exercises
  • Inspired Action and Daily Intention Pages
  • A Money Tracker for you to track all of the Money or Value that comes in every day (what you 'track', you 'attract!')
  • Daily Habits Checklist so you can build up the habit of the Mindset and Personal Development techniques and tools that will help you feel more confident and have more focus so you can take more action
  • Monthly Review for you to reflect on the Sales you made and the Audience Growth and a space for you to note down your gratitudes and successes
  • Notes Page

The final section of the Planner is for you to Review your 2022, with an Annual Money Tracker and Journalling exercises to help you gain Clarity moving into 2023!