Self Love Tips for Women in Business

Hey Amazing Lady! I’m so glad you’ve found your way to this Blog post. Because everything happens for a reason. So you obviously needed to hear this today ;) As business owners (especially as women) we can put so much focus onto keeping everyone else happy. Our clients and customers, team, followers on social media (which is crazy considering we don’t even know half of them!), family, spouse/partner, friends. We actually end up putting ourselves last in the pursuit of abundance and time freedom.

However, I promise you, when you regularly focus on putting yourself first, you’ll actually make more money, generate more sales, increase your social media followers and get much more done in the same amount of time.

When you take care of you, the rest falls into place. When you spend some time regularly on self care, on positivity, on rest and on things that make you feel good, it reduces your stress, brings clarity and awareness which in turn increases your focus and productivity.

Plus, when you value yourself, so will everyone else.

So here are my 4 best Self Love Tips and Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs and Women in Business

Self Love Tip 1: Self Care

Self Care can be the best form of self love. As I mentioned above, when you take care of you first, the rest will fall into place. It’s not selfish, it’s not lazy, it’s not procrastinating. It’s listening to what your body, mind and soul needs, it’s trusting your intuition, it’s making space for clarity. I get all my best ideas and aha moments when I’m relaxing in the bath!

So bring self care into your routine at least once a week. Have a long hot bath, go for a walk in the fresh air, drink more water and eat food that you adore (yes, even chocolate!). Read a book, treat yourself to a face mask after your morning shower - there’s no right or wrong way to do it, as long as it’s something that makes you FEEL good.

Self Love Tip 2: Affirmations

Our brain picks up on every single word we say and every thought we think and will take it as true.

It doesn’t know the difference between empowering, positive words or those that will bring you down and make you feel rubbish, it literally acts on what you tell it.

Because your brain wants to keep you safe and happy it will do whatever it can to help you feel that way (what you focus on, you attract right?). I.e. if you’re regularly telling yourself that you don’t have the time to get things done, you’re unorganised, lazy etc, your brain will assume that’s how you want to feel and so will help you focus on the mess, the distraction, the overwhelm.

So instead, focus on words that will lift you up. That will bring you more abundance. The best way to do this is with positive Affirmations. An Affirmation is a positive statement, said in the first person in the present tense as if it were true.

Spend some time every single day saying Affirmations. Stand in front of the mirror if you wish though this isn’t a requirement for them to work! Say them while you’re getting dressed, while you’re boiling the kettle for your cup of tea - I always say my Affirmations in the shower!

Tell yourself that you're wonderful, amazing, powerful and strong or kind and worthy and deserving and fabulous - whatever you need to hear. Tell yourself loudly, tell yourself passionately and tell yourself often. It will change your life.

& you deserve it.

Self Love Tip 3: Journal It Out

Journaling is a brilliant tool to get everything out of your head.

All the fears, negative talk, questions and overwhelm. It can bring clarity, focus and it's a powerful release of all the things that are stopping you from moving forward (like imposter syndrome!) and you'll feel better after (though you may need a nap!).

There’s no ‘right’ way to journal. You don’t have to procrastinate on it by spending weeks and weeks finding the ‘perfect’ notebook or the absolute best crystal pen. Yes, absolutely, find something that reaches out to you, that makes you feel good, that will make you want to write in it, but for now, if all you have is a plain piece of paper to hand that will work too.

It’s about the practice of doing it, not where you do it.

If you’re looking for something new however, I’ve created a large selection of beautiful lined notebooks that are perfect for your journaling and you can find those HERE

Self Love Tip 3: Ditch the To Do List!

Yes, really.

There are lots of Gurus out there who tell you to write a To Do List to help you focus and stop you procrastinating.

What I know to be true however, for me and for every single client I’ve worked with and every woman I’ve asked in my Community, is that this ‘To Do List’ creates overwhelm, panic, fear and negative self talk.

This increases your stress and brings about a fear of not being good enough because you feel rubbish for not being able to complete everything off it.

Or you spend hours resisting doing something on your To Do List because you don’t feel aligned with it that day but you put it at the top of your To Do List so you HAVE to do it that day whether you want to or not right?

Can I just remind you that YOU are the boss. YOU can set the rules. Your Business is allowed to feel easy. It’s allowed to feel fun and you’re allowed to do things when you feel inspired and aligned with doing them.

So instead of forcing yourself to have a To Do List, I encourage you to make an Inspired Action List! Braindump everything you want to get done in, say, the next 30 days. You could even break these down further into smaller, 20 minute tasks. Then take inspired action!

Change your language (remember the importance of powerful language from Tip 2?) from ‘I HAVE to’ or ‘I NEED to’ to ‘I GET to’. What do you GET to do first? Which one feels good to do today?

Yes, sometimes there will be times when there are action steps that take a priority if it’s something you want to have completed in the next few days or has a deadline for any reason but otherwise, you get to choose which you take action on. If you’d told yourself that you were going to email your list today but you really aren’t feeling it and would rather create some new graphics for social media, don’t resist it or fight it. If you force yourself to ‘do the thing’ that you’re REALLY not feeling that day, your energy will be off. And your client, customers and audience will pick up on that too.

Trust your instincts always.

So I trust these 4 Self Love Tips have been valuable to you.

Are you already doing any of these regularly? If not, which was your favourite that you’re going to implement first?

Remember, you can be, do and have whatever you want but you’ll get what you think you can have. Tell yourself you deserve to love yourself first. Because you do.

You're amazing!

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