How to make more money in your Business with a Money Tracker

Hey Amazing Lady! If you’re a Woman in Business looking to master your Money Mindset and reduce your challenges around making money so you can manifest more of it then you’re in the perfect place!

In this Blog Post I share with you one of my favourite Money Manifesting Techniques - Money Tracking!

Tracking your money is just one of the many Law of Attraction and Personal Development tools to have in your toolkit but when you build the habit of doing it every day, it can absolutely help you make more money in your Business


What you track you attract and what you focus on expands. Have you heard of the phrase, ‘where focus goes energy flows’? If you’re focusing on all the money you’re NOT making in your business then that’s what you’ll attract more of. You’ll be even more aware of the debt, the credit card bills, the sales everyone else seems to be making while you’ve got crickets on your social media platforms.

However, when you focus on all the money coming IN, that’s what you’ll manifest more of. You’ll be more aware of ALL the income coming into your Bank Account, all the sales you ARE making. You’ll move from a lack mindset to an abundant one. And that’s the perfect state to be in to manifest even more abundance.


Right now! Don’t wait until you’re making thousands in your Business to pay attention to what’s coming in. Track now. Seriously, start today. Track every single penny that comes in for you. The more you track the pennies, the more they’ll turn to pounds, then to hundreds, then thousands and so on.

If you’re reading this thinking ‘Oh I’ll start this on the 1st of the Month, that will be nice and neat’ then I’m going to be honest with you, I’m pretty sure you won’t. I know because I said that every month for about 6 months before finally just getting started.

Don’t wait for a new month, a new year, until the stars are aligned or it’s a new moon. Start TODAY.


What kind of Money Tracker you use will be personal preference. If you work best on your computer or phone then you might want to use something like Google Sheets or an Excel Spreadsheet to track your money. Open a new Sheet, list the days of the month and enter the amount each day.

If you prefer good old pen and paper however then you might want to use a Notebook or a Bullet Journal as your Money Tracker. Don’t procrastinate by covering it in glitter and sparkles and spending hours decorating it but do find one that resonates with you so you want to actually use it. Keep your Money Tracker Notepad or Bullet Journal on your desk or by your bed, or even next to the kettle if it means you’ll remember to fill it in! It’s important to get into the habit of tracking EVERY SINGLE DAY so do whatever works for you.

I personally use a sheet of whiteboard paper on my wall (I love this stuff!) as then I have no way of missing it! I’ll reuse the same sheet for a couple of months and then change it for a fresh one. I love seeing the money coming in every day in big green pen!


I know you may be asking, ‘So what do I actually track? Is it just Business Income? Is it sales? Is it profit? What about money that comes in from outside my Business?’

My advice, track it all! It ALL counts, it’s ALL money.

It does depend on the kind of business model you have however. Whether you’re paid immediately via Paypal or whether you have a payment processor like Stripe that takes a few days to hit your Bank Account, or maybe you’re paid a commission that only comes in once a month for example.

I have several streams of income now so I have all of the above! So I track money once it’s hit my Bank Account (or my Cryptocurrency Account as I have both). Basically, until it’s in an Account in my name, it’s somebody else’s money.

I’ll also track any money I’ve received as gifts, money in my pocket that I’ve forgotten about and just discovered, tax refunds, literally every income that comes into my Accounts.


Because I receive some of my income on set days or am paid a few days after the sale was made then I will also track the sales in a different colour. I track actual money received in green pen and I’ll track when a sale is made in blue pen. This will help you if you feel you won’t have much to track because you only get paid once a month or only have income coming in sporadically throughout the month.

You can also choose to track Value too!

When you’re sent a bunch of flowers in the post or you’re treated to a cup of tea from a friend, note down the (approximate) value of that gift (i.e. £2.99 for a cup of tea and a cookie).

If your tax bill is less than you thought it would be, track the difference in value. If you’re given a discount at the shop on something you were buying anyway, track the difference.

I track value with red pen as it helps me to focus on the love and abundance on days where I might not have received any actual money.

If I get to the end of the day and I feel I have nothing to track then I’ll put a big red heart instead of leaving it black or putting a zero, to again remind me that abundance is all around me and the more I focus on it, the more it will come in.

I trust that’s given you enough ideas to get started with Money Tracking. Comment below and let me know how you’re going to track your money! In the Money Manifesting Kit you’ll have access to templates and tools - including a Money Tracker - to help you focus on a positive mindset so you can make more money, grow your Business AND feel good about it!. Buy now for just £9.97!