4 Steps to Powerful Goal Setting

Hey Amazing Lady! So glad you’ve found your way here to this Blog Post! This time we’re talking about Goal Setting, why you want to be doing it and the 4 Steps to Powerful Goal Setting so that you can actually manifest what you want! Setting Goals and Intentions is one of the things that the majority of my clients and my Abundant Business Collective Members struggle with. And I totally get it as I used to too.

I think there’s this misconception that it has to be ‘perfect’. That you have to come up with a Goal that’s a stretch goal but also a reasonable goal, one that will push you but also one that you believe you can achieve, so we end up confused and overthinking it!

There’s also a lot of past programming and limiting beliefs that come up for us when setting goals because we’ve been told since we were tiny that it’s not nice to talk about what we want, to brag or be materialistic and so our brain - in an attempt to keep us safe and comfortable - gives us all of the fear, doubt and procrastination so we end up not doing it.

Think about it - what’s the one thing you’re told every year on your birthday when you’re small (and maybe even now you’re big too!) - ‘Blow out your candles, make a wish but don’t say it out loud or it won’t come true!’. No wonder we don’t want to declare what our goals are! But if you want to be creating success and peaceful abundance in your business (whatever that looks like for you), it’s super important to get clear on exactly what you want - otherwise how will your brain and the Universe know what to help you manifest?!

You get what you expect - so if you don’t know what to expect, you won’t get it - simple as that.

Get clear on your Vision for your Business and it creates so much space in your mind (and life!) to be able to take the inspired action that will help you achieve it.

So here are the 4 steps to take that will help you set powerful Goals in your Business (and life) at any point, not just on New Year’s Day!

Goal Setting Step 1: Braindump

If you know exactly what you want in your Business over the next 12 months then you can skip this step if you like - though it usually brings up more things than we’re aware of anyway.

But if you’re reading this thinking ‘I don’t even know what I want!’ then this is definitely the place to start.

Grab a piece of paper or a Notebook (like the fabulous ones available from Abundant Business Creations ;) ) and just start to write down all of the things you want to achieve. All the things you want to be, do and have in your business and your life. Don’t overthink it at this stage, this may be something you want next month, next year or next decade but if it comes to your mind then note it down. Nothing is off limits, nothing is unattainable - this is about getting you super clarity on what it is you ACTUALLY want.

Goal Setting Step 2 - What

Once you’ve got your Braindump (and you may want to leave it for 24 hours to see if anything else comes up) then it’s taking this deeper to get really specific with what you want.

Your brain, and the Universe, loves specificity. When you set vague goals, you’ll get vague results. This is why sometimes we manifest something that we didn’t necessarily want or in a way that we didn’t expect, because we haven’t been clear.

When you’re crystal clear with your goals and intentions, there’s no doubt about what you want which triggers the part of your brain that helps you attract it (what you focus on, you attract).

So now for all of those things on your Braindump (you might want to choose a few at a time if you have a 5 page list of all the wonderful things you’d love to be, do and have!) get REALLY specific with exactly WHAT that looks like.

If you’ve put a new car for example - what kind of car? What make, model, engine size, colour, interior etc?

If you’ve put a new home - what kind of home? Is it detached, a town house, near the Ocean, in the City, 1 bedroom, 8 bedrooms etc?

If you’ve put ‘increase my income’ then by how much? I imagine you’re looking for more than an extra £5 a week right? So be really specific with what that means to you.

Goal Setting Step 3 - Why

Your brain picks up on your emotions over everything else. Over the words you say, the thoughts you think, the actions you take - the quickest way you can tell your brain what it is you want is with how you feel about it! So it’s vital to get clear not only on the WHAT you want in Step 2 above but also WHY you want it. What is it going to do for you when you have it? What is life going to be like? Why is that particular thing important to YOU?

Go as deep as you can here.

For example, if you’re wanting to bring in an extra £1000 per month in your Business and your why is because it will allow you to treat your family to some wonderful experiences every month, get even clearer on why THAT is important to you. How will it FEEL to be able to treat your family? What will you love most about it?

When you can get in touch with the emotion that the Goal brings up for you (whether it’s gratitude, joy, love, excitement, abundance - whatever it is for you) your brain will pick up on it that much quicker and you’ll find that you take much more inspired action because not only have you got the clarity on what you actually want so you know what you’re focusing on, but you also now know why that matters to you.

Goal Setting Step 4 - When

The final step in the 4 Step Goal Setting process is the WHEN.

You now know WHAT you want and WHY you want it so now take it a step further and get clear on the WHEN.

Important Note: Just because you set a date of when you want to achieve something doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to happen then!

The reason you want to know the when is because firstly, it makes it even more specific as I mentioned above, but also when you have the timeframe in your mind - rather than it just being ‘one day’ or ‘some day’ etc - you’re more likely to take the inspired action again or take different steps (even subconsciously) to achieve it. And so even if you set a date of ‘ by Christmas’ and you don’t achieve it then, chances are you’ll be much closer than if you had this vague goal in your mind of ‘some day I’d like that’

You don’t need to be absolutely specific with the time and date (it doesn’t need to be ‘1pm on the 18th July' for example!) but get clear on whether it’s a goal you’d love to achieve by the end of the year, by your birthday, 2025 etc

So there you have it - the 4 steps to powerful Goal Setting, the more you do it the easier it will become I promise you. It will start to become second nature to not only think about what you want but also why and by when.

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