21 Easy ways to stay focused on your Money Goals

If you’re finding it a challenge to stay focused on your Money Goals then you’re in the perfect place! In this Blog Post you’ll find 21 easy money mindset tips and manifesting techniques to help you keep your money goals at front of mind (so you can achieve them!).

Let's go!

1. Change your passwords to your money goal so you're reminded every time you log in!

2. Rename your online bank accounts to how much money you intend to make or what you want to spend it on (I.e Disneyland Fund!)

3. Write your money goal in the shower steam! (on the tiles or on the shower screen)

4. Print out an Affirmation Cheque (like the one in this Money Manifesting Kit!), write in your goal and pin on your Vision Board or keep in your handbag to remind you every day of what your goal is.

5. Set an alarm to go off on your phone every few hours with your money goal (I.e 5K Months!)

6. Create positive money mindset affirmations and repeat them daily

7. Print some Money Affirmation Colouring Sheets (like the ones in the Money Manifesting Kit!) so you can focus on a positive money mindset and take some time for you too!

8. Make a list of 10 people you'll be able to help when you're making more money

9. Create a Money Playlist and listen regularly (and have a dance about too - your brain will LOVE this!)

10. Read a Money Mindset or Law of Attraction Book or listen to an Audiobook on Audible to keep you focused on what you want to manifest

11. Change the screen saver on your computer to a money image or text that will remind you of your money goal every time you open it.

12. Change the lock screen or wallpaper background on your phone to your money goal

13. Put your money goal on a post it note and stick it to your computer

14. Journal out how it will feel WHEN you've achieved your goal. Imagine that you've just found out, how would you react? Who would you tell first, how would you celebrate etc? Write it in the present tense.

15. Make a list of 10 reasons you deserve to make more money.

16. Braindump all the ways you could make money to help you achieve your goal - then take inspired action!

17. Pick something to use as a trigger that will remind you of your money goal - a favourite scent, colour, flower etc or anything else that when you see it/smell it/hear it, you'll think of your money goal or money manifesting affirmation

18. Buy a money manifesting crystal (like Aventurine or Citrine) and set your intention with it. Then keep it somewhere visible (or wear it around your neck) as a reminder of your goal (and your money manifestation power!)

19. Change your phone ringtone to a song that will remind you of your money goal so every time it rings your brain is triggered again.

20. Listen to a Money Mantra Subliminal Meditation

21. Visualise daily! Imagine yourself hitting your money goal, how does it feel?!

I trust that’s given you some money mindset and manifesting ideas to help you stay focused on your money goals! Don’t get overwhelmed and think you have to do ‘all the things’ straight away, pick one or two to start implementing and then add more and more. Which are you going to choose first? Comment below and let me know!

In the Money Manifesting Kit you’ll have access to templates and tools - including Colouring Sheets, a Money Tracker, Money Affirmations and an Abundance Cheque - that will help you keep a positive money mindset and install some of the best manifesting habits that will help you achieve your money goals. Buy now for just £9.97!