4 Steps To Silence The Inner Critics So You Can Grow Your Business With More Confidence


Do you regularly worry that you’re not good enough and think that nobody will be interested in what you offer?

Do you waste so much time comparing yourself to everyone else online?

Do you dream of making a consistent £3-5k monthly income but feel really uncomfortable promoting yourself and your Business?

Do you wish you could banish the self doubt so you could take more action on the things you know will grow your Business?

Self doubt, fear and Imposter Syndrome is one of the biggest reasons why Women in Business give up on their Dreams.


It can stop you in your tracks, tell you you’re rubbish, make you doubt every decision you make, cause you to waste hours and hours of your life on comparison, procrastination and negative self talk and it blocks the money from coming in to your Bank Account.


So if you’ve felt this, I promise you, you are not alone.

But imagine if you had the confidence to promote yourself more, to record those videos, write those blogs, interact with those people.

Imagine easily being able to tell people your prices or even putting them up and feeling GOOD about it!

How amazing would it feel to know step by step how to really reduce (or even banish!) your self doubt and fear so you can spend less time worrying and more time making money?

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Well guess what Amazing Lady, you absolutely CAN! If you were nodding to any of the above then you’re in the perfect place.

My BRAND NEW step by step program for Women in Business ‘From Fear to Freedom’ takes you through the 4 steps to silence those inner critics and banish the self doubt so you can grow your Business with more confidence. You’ll understand exactly what YOUR fears are that are stopping you from growing your Business and HOW to break the self doubt cycle.

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‘I doubled my income!’

‘I had a 1:1 session with Gemma and it was just amazing! I knew I had a block from pushing forward in business but wasn’t sure what, which was really frustrating! Within 20 minutes Gemma helped me clearly see what my block was and it was such an aha moment! Gemma gave me some work to go away and do to clear the block and that month I doubled my income! Thank you Gemma!’

Gemma Holden

Mindset & Strategy Coach

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Why listen to me?

Hey! I’m Gemma James, a Law of Attraction Business Coach.


I’ve been building Business for 15 years now and I’ve coached and trained over a thousand Small Business Owners to feel more confident, push through comfort zones, take inspired action and increase their income.


But I spent the first decade of my Business journey REALLY struggling. I hated asking people for money, I felt like I didn’t deserve it, I wasn’t good enough, I compared myself to everyone regularly and constantly worried about what people thought. I’d see other Women in Business talking about their 10k months and their 6 figure years and I felt so ashamed and embarrassed that I hadn’t even had a 5 figure year!


In 2016 however, through training in the Law of Attraction and Neuroplasticity, I discovered how our brains work, where our fears come from and learned some pretty awesome tools and techniques to overcome them. Since then I’ve been able to build a business that I love, I left my corporate job in Law in 2017, I’ve had the confidence to publish a book, to speak on stages in America, to invest in myself but above all, to have the belief that everything will always work out for me.


I’m a mum to a beautiful, crazy girl, building my Business around the School run and Holidays and I’m an extroverted introvert. Which means it’s super important to me who and what I surround myself with. I LOVE motivating, inspiring and bringing the energy to Women in Business just like you but then I need to switch off and spend time with my family or in the garden with a cup of tea and a book. So I want you to know that to build a successful Business you don’t HAVE to be spending every day uploading stories and creating reels and going live on social media. It’s about finding the confidence to do the things you WANT to do. That’s where the magic happens.


'From Fear to Freedom' is my BRAND SPANKING NEW online training & coaching program delivered LIVE over 6 Weeks, starting 6th May. This Program will take you through the 4 Steps to silence the Inner Critics so you can grow your Business with more confidence.


4 x 60 Minute Masterclasses, taught LIVE by me during May (+ forever access to the Recordings), plus an Implementation Week and a BONUS LIVE Q&A Session (for this Live version of the Program ONLY).


Masterclass 6th May 2021 @ 12pm (£97 Value)

Get clear on YOUR specific fears, blocks and self doubts so you know what to release to be able to move forward. You’ll finally get clarity on what’s been holding you back (and realise it has nothing to do with you not being good enough!)

Masterclass 13th May 2021 @ 12pm (£97 Value)

You’ll learn some powerful techniques to release those limiting beliefs and fears. When you do this, you’ll shift some of the old baggage that may have been keeping you stuck for years. Get ready to feel more confident in yourself, your Business and your abilities!

Masterclass 20th May 2021 @ 12pm (£97 Value)

The self doubt, the fear, the Inner Critics won’t go away over night. They’ll still show up for you, trying to keep you safe and trying to make you doubt yourself. Pattern Interrupters are an incredible way of stopping those Inner Critics in their tracks so that you don’t spiral back into old ways of thinking. You’ll learn what Pattern Interrupters are and how to use them AND specific examples for each of the Inner Critics so you can take action implementing exactly what you need right away.

Masterclass 27th May 2021 @ 12pm (£97 Value)

It’s super important for you to retrain your Brain into a new positive way of thinking that supports your business and helps you grow your bank Balance. It’s not enough to cut the ties to the old limiting beliefs, you’ll want to replace them with supportive ones instead. You’ll learn all of my tips, techniques and fast tracking shortcuts to keep you focused, confident and making sales.

Implementation Week - 31st May - 4th June

Take action and implement some of the things you’ve learned without feeling overwhelmed. Take a breather and start putting things into practice.

BONUS Q&A / Coaching 8th June 2021 @ 7pm (£111 Value)

Your chance to ask any questions that may have come up for you following the Masterclasses and the Implementation Week

BONUS PDF Printable Tools & Online Trainings (£97 Value) 

As part of the Program you’ll also be given PDF Printable Checklists, Worksheets and other Tools, plus prerecorded trainings to assist you with implementation.

This is the First AND ONLY Live Version of this Program!

Enrol Today for just 3 Payments of £75

OR Pay £197 and Save!

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Lizzie Dewey

Redheadwondering - Hand Bound Books

'I deserve Success! I am Enough!'

Gemma not only has a firm understanding of how our brains work and how the Law of Attraction "works" (listen to her talk about the reticular activating system and you'll know what I mean!) but she makes it so easy to apply it to life and Business. 


Gemma has helped me so much, she’s given me tools and techniques that I use every single day, that are having a huge effect on my mindset and on my life. I’m a part of her Membership and I've had both 1:1 and group coaching from her. 


I can't recommend Gemma highly enough. They say that the right teacher comes along for us at the right time and Gemma is definitely a fantastic teacher. I learn something new every single time we interact. She's helping me enormously with my approach to my business and is helping me see that it IS possible to live my version of Peaceful Abundance. She’s encouraging me to see that I deserve to be a success, because I already am. I am enough. And I am so ready for more!


Thank you, Gemma! You're amazing!!

You Got Questions? I Got Answers!

How is the From Fear to Freedom Program delivered?

This is the ONLY time that I’ll be delivering this Program LIVE! You’ll have access to 4 Masterclasses delivered Live by me via Zoom (with a chance to get your questions answered at the end of each Masterclass) on Thursday May 6th, 13th, 21st and 28th at 12.00pm. Plus a further Live Q&A Coaching Session on Tuesday 8th at 7pm. The Live Masterclasses will be recorded and uploaded to your Members Area within 24 hours and you’ll have forever access to these. As part of the Program you’ll also be given checklists and worksheets and access to further prerecorded trainings to assist you with implementation.

When are the 4 Live Masterclasses and the Live Q&A?

Live Masterclass - Thursday May 6th @12pm Live Masterclass - Thursday May 13th @12pm Live Masterclass - Thursday May 21st @12pm Live Masterclass - Thursday May 28th @12pm Live Q&A Coaching Session - Tuesday June 8th @ 7pm.

What if I can’t attend the Live Classes?

No problem! The Live Masterclasses will be recorded and uploaded to your Members Area within 24 hours and you’ll have forever access to these. So you can watch the replay of any Trainings that you might miss and revisit any that you wish to in the future.

Who is the From Fear to Freedom Program for?

If you're a Woman in Business struggling to make the sales or bring in the income that you really want then this Program is for you. Whether you're a crafter, creator, product maker or retailer, Florist, Beauty Therapist, Virtual Assistant, Personal Trainer, Network Marketer, Direct Seller…… I could go on but I think you get the point ;) This is especially for you if you've been making some sales in your Business but you’d love to reach the consistent £3-5K a month level. This Program is NOT about achieving a 6 figure Business (though you absolutely can as your potential is limitless once you shift these blocks and beliefs), it's about creating Peaceful Abundance in your Business and life - whatever that looks like for you. This is NOT for you if you have to switch the electricity off, not eat for a week or put yourself in serious financial hardship by investing. I want you to be excited (and probably a bit nervous) about joining this Program, not terrified (and hungry).

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! You can pay £75 today and then £75 in 30 and 60 days time or save by paying £197 in full today.

Do you have a Money Back Guarantee? Can I get a refund if I’m not happy?

Since this is a Live event and digital product there will be no refunds given. But I'm super confident that when you invest in From Fear to Freedom and start uncovering some of those blocks that are holding you back from making more sales and increasing your income you'll be very happy with the outcome. If for any reason you're not happy with something though you can reach out to me and I'll do what I can to help you.

What happens if I choose the instalment option but I can’t make one of the payments?

Your Forever access to the Training and Course Material is dependent on you making the payment in full (whether paying £147 in full and saving or making all 3 payments of £57). Should you not make your second or third payments your access will be removed. Please consider this before buying.

Will I get any 1:1 help or personal feedback?

This Program does not include any 1:1 Coaching Time but there will be Q&A time at the end of each Live Masterclass and a separate 60 Minute Q&A Session in June where you can ask your questions. You'll also have access to the Facebook Group for the duration of the Live Program where you can ask for feedback from the Community.

How long will I have access to the trainings for?


Is there a Facebook Group?

Yes, for this Live Version of From Fear to Freedom only there will be a Facebook Group for you to connect with the other participants, share any shifts or clarity you've gained and ask for feedback from the Community to help you with getting the best results out of the Program. The Group will close on Sunday 13th June.

Do I need to download any special software or apps to be able to watch?

The Live Masterclasses will be held on Zoom and you can download the Zoom App to your computer or phone, but you can also access from your Browser. I will also stream the Live Masterclasses into the Facebook Group (but I will only be answering questions from those attending on the Zoom Session). When you enrol in From Fear to Freedom you'll be asked to create an Account in the Members Area. This is where the Videos and PDFs will be stored. You'll be able to access these from your computer, phone or tablet. (If you've bought something from me previously then you won't need to create another account provided you use the same email address)

Will you be running this Live again in the future if I decide not to do this right now?

At the moment I have no plans to run this Live again. Once the Live Masterclasses are complete they will be turned into an online course (which you will have access to) so future participants will not have the ability to ask questions on a Q&A or within a dedicated Facebook Group. Should I decide to run this again Live in the future however, when you enrol now, you'll receive free access to any future Live round too.

This is the First AND ONLY Live Version of this Program! 

Enrol Today for just 3 Payments of £75

OR Pay £197 and Save!