Do you want to make more Sales in your Business but it's turning out to be more of a challenge than you thought it would be?

Maybe you’re stuck in a cycle of overwhelm, having to learn and do ‘all the things’ when all you really want to do is make a good income so you can do more of the things you love?

It's frustrating, exhausting and leaves you feeling like you're either going round in circles or you're totally stuck and at a standstill!

OK, Amazing Lady, firstly BREATHE!

Because everything will be OK.

Secondly, it doesn't have to be this way. There's a good chance you’re sabotaging your own success (through no fault of your own, it's just how your brain is wired) and it probably feels worse because you're regularly being told to ‘dream bigger’ or ‘Work harder’.

If you’re sick of the ‘Hustle’ without much financial reward for you, if you've had enough of going round in circles and trying to figure these things out on your own, if you're done with seeing others around you grow their Businesses while you're still struggling then you're in the perfect place. Because I have exactly what you need!


I’m super excited to share with you my brand new (best ever in my own opinion!) Group Coaching Program - The Abundant Business Bootcamp! 

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When you enrol in this Bootcamp and implement the things I'm going to teach you, you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your Business!

You'll feel so much clearer about what you ACTUALLY want (like really, really want - not just what other people tell you that you should want), you'll finally be taking CONSISTENT action on things that feel good AND move your Business forward and you'll be making MORE Sales, MORE Money and feeling more confident while you do!

The Abundant Business Bootcamp is a 4 month Group Coaching Program (starting w/c 06.09.21) for Women in Business who want to make more Sales so they have more money in the Bank to do the things they love. (Such as enjoy their hobbies, spend time with their family & friends, partake in an Afternoon Tea as often as possible etc etc - you get the idea)


Hey Amazing Lady! I'm Gemma James

I've been building Businesses for 15 years now and I've coached over a thousand Small Business Owners to change what they think is possible, to get clarity on what they want for their life and to push through comfort zones so they can have more sales, more money and with more ease.

But I promise you, it hasn't always been easy.


I spent the first decade making hardly any Sales at all - and the ones I did I'd practically give away because I felt so uncomfortable asking people for money!

Then, I learned about the power of our brains and about the Law of Attraction, I worked through A LOT of limiting beliefs and blocks and my Business soared. I actually went to the other extreme and I generated over 3/4 million in Sales in just a couple of years, I was flying to the States to coach and speak, I published my Book....

But I was BURNT OUT.

I was coaching around 20-30 clients a week and I was exhausted. If I didn't get on a call I didn't make money. Which caused a huge amount of stress because I felt like I always had to be working 'just in case'.


Which then meant resentment towards my family and friends for being able to enjoy an 'easy life', resentment towards my clients for taking me away from my family and resentment towards other people online who seemed to be able to make money while sitting by a Pool.

So I decided that something needed to change.

It was time I got clear on what I REALLY wanted to so I could design my Business around that NOT the other way round.

I simplified, I let go of what wasn't working, I stopped listening to all the 7 Figure Gurus and I focused on what I do best - helping people change what they think is possible.

I've now been able to build a Business that I LOVE. One that makes money and allows me to have the freedom and flexibilty to do the things I want to. I learned that the two aren't mutually exclusive! I've created what I call 'Peaceful Abundance' for myself and for so many of my fabulous clients.

As we go through this Program together, I'll be taking you along my ‘Path to Peaceful Abundance’ which looks like this:

Path to Peaceful Abundance.png

(You might notice that the first letter of each word spells CASH which, may or may not be super intentional… )

Growing your Business is allowed to be EASY. Honestly.

There may be others out there encouraging you to ‘Hustle’ to ‘Work now, sleep later’ guilting you into feeling really bad if you don't feel like working every second under the sun because ‘maybe you just don't want it enough’.

But I promise you, there IS another way. Instead, I encourage you to adopt the #AntiHustle approach and get super clear on what works for you so you can take the inspired action on those things. Rather than trying to take ‘Massive Action’ on the things that don't work for you.

There is no right or wrong way to build your Business. You can be an extrovert or Introvert or somewhere in the middle. You can love social media or hate it. You can adore video or prefer written content instead.

Guess what amazing lady - this is YOUR Business. And you have the power of choice to run it in your way.

This Program is NOT going to teach you how to set up paid advertising strategies or how to create an Instagram Reel or how to set up your Website and it's definitely NOT going to ask you to add 10-20 strangers a day on social media and cold message them (yuck!)

But it will give you a shed load of Clarity and a path to follow so you can actually start to grow your Business, bring in more money and take a lot of the stress away in just 4 months.

When you're making more Sales in your Business, here's what will happen:

You'll have more bandwidth in your mind (and life) to be able to do more of the things you want to. 

You'll have breathing room so you can focus on growing your Business even more in the way you want to (such as adding more passive or recurring income streams) 

You’ll feel a lot less stressed, anxious or worried and won't have ‘money on your mind’ quite so much 

You'll have more extra money in the bank so you can treat yourself, your family and friends or support a Charity when you feel like it, without having to check your Bank Balance or sacrifice one thing to pay for another. 

You'll be helping more people with your wonderful products and services and impacting more lives in a positive way

How would it feel to have all of that?

If your answer was along the lines of 'AMAZING!' then enrol in the Abundant Business Bootcamp. Make this the action step you take today that moves your Business forward

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I treated my Inner Child to some Boots!

What can I say about the From Fear to Freedom programme….. just WOW, this has been a great journey to go on and the outcomes have been amazing, I even treated my 13-year-old inner child to some boots! Gemma has so much knowledge and gives so much support. I was late to the programme but found that all the recordings of the lessons and work books were easy to go through and the added private Facebook group for additional support was a bonus.

So this is what you'll have access to within the Bootcamp!

The Program starts the week of 6th September, when you enrol on the Super Early Bird, you'll also get some Bonuses through August to give you a headstart)

Our 16 Weeks together will include:

11 x Live Masterclasses (AT LEAST because I usually add more as we're working through the Program together!) with me taking you through my Path to Peaceful Abundance (Value £2500)

3 x Implementation Weeks & Q&A Coaching Sessions for you to take action, get caught up and get clear if you're stuck (Value £600)

Private Facebook Community for 5 months. Stay accountable towards your own goals and support your fellow Bootcampers with theirs. A place for inspiration, celebration and to get feedback from other Bootcampers. I'm very intentional about the spaces I create and that's always apparent by the level of support in my Communities. I can't wait for you to join this one. (Value £297)

Worksheets, Templates & Tools where relevant (Value £97)

BONUS: Sales & Money Mindset Training so you can get clear on your limiting beliefs and blocks and stop sabotaging your Sales! (Value £297)

BONUS: Mailerlite Training only available when you enrol during the Early Bird Period. I know that one of the things that might stop you from moving forward is the fear of the tech around Sales Funnels! In this Bonus Training I'm going to walk you through my Email Marketing Platform - Mailerlite - I'll show you how to get set up, how to create a very simple Landing Page to start building your Email List and how to send your first Email. (Value £297)

An In Person Graduation Celebration at the end of Bootcamp! So we can get together and meet each other 'for real'! I'll acknowledge your commitment, your action and reward you with your Certificate of Completion! (This will not be obligatory of course but will be lots of fun and I imagine there will be cake!) (Value Priceless)




Enrol Today for Just £1495!

Special Early Bird Pricing - Enrol Today for Just £997!

Or Split your Payments over Monthly Installments of 4 x £425

Special Early Bird Pricing - Have longer to pay with 6 Monthly Payments of £197 (Total £1182)

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I'm damn proud of myself!

What;s it like to work with me.png

I can honestly say that Gemma’s ‘From Fear to Freedom’ Program has changed me for the better. I experienced several major shifts in my thinking during the course and continue to do so as I incorporate the tools and techniques Gemma taught us. 


The exercises that Gemma gave us allowed me to drill down into where my feelings came from, what was at the root of my People Pleasing, and to see how those early patterns were repeated throughout my whole life.


I loved every part of the course, but I think the guided meditations had the most profound effects on me. I’ve repeated both the Inner Child and the Cord Cutting meditations several times and new levels of understanding and release have come each time.


Gemma's teaching style is informal but totally on point. She has an uncanny ability to say exactly the right thing at the right time! Her presentations were packed full of information, guidance and support and this is a course I know that I will do over again and again. I can't recommend this course highly enough, it had such a huge impact on me. Letting go of the fears I had around my ex-husband allowed me to totally transform my attitude to my business, and enabled me to stop being afraid of visibility. I felt free to "set out my stall", to say, "this is me, this is my business, and I'm damn proud of myself"!


So Gemma, I want to say a huge thank you to you. You have helped me so much. And not just with From Fear to Freedom, but with all the trainings you do, with your challenges, and most definitely with your Abundant Business Collective membership. It is my safe space. It is my favourite place on the whole internet! And I am deeply grateful every single day that I met you, and that you are in my life.

Lizzie Dewey

What you'll learn within the Bootcamp:

Week 1


It all starts with Clarity. Getting clear on the Vision for your Business and your Life. Unless you know what you REALLY want, you'll always come up against blocks. You'll be taken through a powerful Visualisation exercise and you'll learn how to create a visual representation of your goals so you can work towards them over the next 3 months together 

Week 2

Sales Targets & Review 

Knowing your Numbers. Getting clear on where you currently are, where you want to be and how you can bridge that gap so you can set Sales Targets in line with your Vision. Reviewing what you have, what you need, and what could do with some tweaks will help you take the inspired action that's going to move you forward.

Week 3

Perfect People, Perfect Sales -
If you're not making the Sales you want to, it may be that you're not targeting the perfect people or in the perfect way. This is the Week where you'll get REALLY clear on your Super Customers/Clients to supercharge your results. This is not going to be your usual 'Ideal Client' training, this is going to take it to a whole new level. You'll also get clear on all the different types of Sales (such as passive, recurring, 
upsells, one time offers etc) so you can review what you have right now for your perfect people to get the money flowing again.

Week 4

Implementation Week and Q&A
Giving you some space to get caught up! And I'll be available to answer any questions you have from the first 3 Weeks.

Week 5

Inspired Action 

It's time to start taking some action! After this Week you'll understand how to organise all those thoughts in your head, to not let a 'To Do' List overwhelm you and to break things down into easier, more manageable tasks so you can implement the things that will help you grow your Business. You'll also have a tonne of ideas and inspiration that you COULD do to start taking some inspired action (NOT 'Massive' Action - that doesn't help anyone)

Week 6

Marketing & Sharing Offers

There's lots of ways that you can market your Business and share offers to your perfect people. In this Week you'll gain clarity on the differences between Social Marketing and SEO Marketing, the different types of Buyers and how you can be Marketing to both. 

Week 7

Sales Converting Language
You can increase the amount of Sales you make when you know how to talk to your perfect people. There are techniques, phrases and ways you word things that will make a big difference. This is NOT about persuasion or manipulation, it's about helping your perfect people make a decision and feeling more confident while you do it. This is the Week you'll learn how to improve your marketing message and convert more sales.

Week 8

The Customer Journey & Sales Process

When you understand how to take your Customers/Clients on a journey (aka a Sales Funnel) you'll find your followers and, as a result your Sales, will increase. This is the week where you'll learn what the Customer Journey looks like so you can see where perhaps you might be missing out on Sales in YOUR Business

Week 9

Implementation Week and Q&A
Giving you some space to get caught up! And I'll be available to answer any questions you have from the first 8 Weeks.

Week 10


This is the week you'll gain clarity on how you can make your Business easier. What can you do to get started and improve as you go? How can you add multiple income streams to add more ease to your Business? Making money is allowed to be easy - when you learn how that could be possible for your Business you'll take more action and ultimately grow your Business quicker.

Week 11


It's time to start talking about Success Habits! This Week you'll learn a technique that is easy to do but has been SUPER powerful for me and my clients in getting the money flowing again. This is always my 'go to' technique when I want more Sales and I can't wait to share it with you!

Week 12

Triggers, Anchors & Lazy Manifesting

This Week is ALL about the Success Habits that will help you feel more confident, make more money, attract your perfect people and get more done. Implement just a few of these and I can guarantee your Business will grow. I'll tell you the exact things I do when I'm working towards a new income or sales goal so you can incorporate these too!

Week 13

Business review

We've covered a lot over the past 12 Weeks and this is the Week where you get to give yourself a Business Review. You'll look at what's missing, what you could add, how can you make it easier for people to buy from you and so on. This will give you an action plan so that you keep implementing after Bootcamp

Week 14

Final Implementation Week and Q&A
Giving you some space to get caught up! And I'll be available to answer any questions you have from the entire Bootcamp.

What;s it like to work with me.png

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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See below for FAQ's. If you have Questions that aren't covered below send me an email at and let me know

You got Questions? I got answers!

Is this a Live Program?

Yes, all the trainings (apart from the bonus Sales & Money Mindset class) will be delivered Live on Zoom. You'll have access to the recordings of all the Sessions if you can't make them Live (or want to revisit them again).

When does it start?

The Live Training & Coaching Sessions start week commencing 6th September 2021. When you enrol on the Super Early Bird Special however, you'll also have access to a couple of Bonus prerecorded Trainings that will be added to your Members area in August to get you 'ahead of the game' and ready to go in September! Yay!

What are the Implementation Weeks?

This gives you time to catch up. I know it can be challenging sometimes to do 'all the work' every week in a program as you've got other life and business stuff going on. But I don't want you to feel lile you're getting behind as that can make you lose momentum alltogether. So there are 3 Implementation weeks in this Bootcamp to help you catch up and I'll run a Live Q&A within this week too should you have any questions.

How much is the Program?

The standard price for this when I release it will be £1495. However, when you enrol on the Super Early Bird Special you'll save £500 (almost) and you'll pay just £997. You can split it inot payments if you prefer though.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! I want to make this Program as accessable for you as possible so you can split the payments into 4 x £425 if this suits your better. However when you enrol on the Super early Bird Special you not only save money but also have longer to pay with 6 x £197.

How long will I have access for?

You'll have lifetime access to the Training within your Members Area (the Bonus Sessions and the Recordings of the Live Sessions), meaning it will never disappear. You'll have access to the Facebook Group until the end of December 2021.

What kind of Business Owner is this Program for?

Women in Business who want to make more Sales and more Money with more ease. Small Business Owners looking to make a consistent income so they can leave their job or cover the hoursehold bills and keep growing so they have money in the Bank to do the things they want to.
This Program will benefit you whether you're a Product Based Business or a Service Based Business.
So VAs, Florists, Crafters and Creators, Jewellery makers, Photographers, Coaches, Consultants and Practitioners, Tutors, Personal Trainers, Kilt Makers, Dress Makers and Sewers, Web Designers, Bakers and Wedding Planners..... you get the idea! If you're not sure whether it's a good fit for you, get in touch with me at

What if I'm just getting started in my Business?

No matter! In fact, this might be even better for you as you won't have to do some 'unlearning' from things you may have heard from Gurus along the way! This Program will get you set up so you can hit the ground running. You may have more work to do in the implementation stages if you don't have anything set up but you'll have a clear path to follow and an inspired action plan to help get you moving and growing.

I'm already making at least 10k a month, is this for me?

What I teach can help you make more sales and more money regardless of where you are and what your goals are, however, this is going to be largely aimed at those wanting to get to their first few thousand every month so this Bootcamp may not be for you. If you're making 10k a month and you're exhausted by it though and you want to chat about whether this Bootcamp could be a good fit for you then send me an email at

What's your refund policy?

I don't offer refunds for change of mind so please make sure you've read the sales page thoroughly and email me if you have any questions at I always to aim to bring a tonne of value to my programmes but if there is anything you're not happy with once you're in, please do reach out to me and I will do my best to assist you.

Will you be running this again?

I will be opening doors to this again at the beginning of September to the 'general public' (aka my Social media Profiles and Website) but will be at the full price investment of £1495 or 4 x £425. If you want to save around £500 or have a longer payment plan then sign up before the Early Bird Timer above runs out!