New Year's Resolutions: Why They're Not Great for Helping You Achieve Your Goals & What to Do Instead

New Year's Resolution Blog

It's the time of the year where we all think about the things we'd like to improve. We're into a new year, bringing a fresh start, a new focus and a desire to let go of the things that no longer work for us. And it's the time where many will be declaring their New Year's Resolutions.

But if you’re rubbish at sticking with New Year’s Resolutions, here’s my answer - don’t set any! 

We set New Year’s Resolutions because we want to be better at something - ‘I’m going to eat better’, ‘I’m going to work harder’, ‘I’m going to make more money’, ‘I’m going to be a nicer friend’..... And all that does is suggest that we’ve been lacking in something previously. Our brain picks up on everything we tell it and so all that happens is our brain makes us more aware of those things we don't like about ourselves. And then unless you're implementing Lazy Manifesting techniques to form new habits every day, your brain will try to keep you safe and comfortable (its only job) and will be encouraging you to revert back to your old ways.

You’re wonderful as you are and you don’t need to change. You’re already good enough. 

But, it’s totally fine to have goals or dreams (or whatever feels good for you to call them) and I encourage you to get clear on yours. However far away they appear, however ridiculous you might think they are or however seemingly small….. If it’s something you want to be, do or have then get clear on it - because you can manifest it. 

So instead of making a big declaration this week about your New Year’s Resolutions that you probably won’t stick to - commit to writing down your Goals every single day. Science has shown that you’re far more likely to achieve them when you write them down (and I’m all about the science behind the stuff - I want to know WHY I’m doing something!) so get into the habit of writing yours down as often as possible.

I start the majority of my days (I won’t lie and say EVERY day, I’m human! But it's most days of the week) with writing a page of Gratitudes and a page of Goals. But maybe for now you just want to write down your top 3 Goals. Or your top 5. Or just start writing and don’t stop until you’re done. There’s no perfect way to do it, so just aim to write down your Goals as often as possible.

And my final thought for you - if you’re not great at setting Goals because you struggle with really knowing what you want, start with what you DON’T want and go from there.

You’re amazing and you’ve got this! 

Love Gemma x

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