101 Things I Did in 2021!

I was inspired recently by Leonie Dawson's '100 Things I did, made or appreciated in 2021' List so I thought I'd make my own. It was going to be 100 things and then I caught Covid a few days before Christmas so I added an extra one!

I encourage you to make a similar List as it's amazing how much we forget about. So many things, as I was looking back over my year, I'd assumed had happened the year before and was surprised at how much I've done in 2021!

So here goes! 101 things I did, made or appreciated in 2021!

  1. I started the year with a 'Get Clear for the New Year' Challenge!

  2. Ran a ‘Quick & Easy Mindset Hacks Workshop’ in January during Lockdown. It was awesome but I massively undercharged for it! #MoneyBlocks

  3. Changed the name of my free Group from the Practical Woo Community to Lazy Manifesters (I might be retiring this Group in 2022…) 

  4. Created a free Vision Board Printable Template that has been downloaded by over 300 people

  5. Homeschooled again for a while in Lockdown Number I can’t remember what. Played with my daughter, read her Roald Dahl, David Walliams, Enid Blyton, Jeremy Strong, Jeff Kinney and sooooo many more 

  6. Created my Abundant Business Bootcamp Program (it’s been so much fun but I don’t think I’ll be running it again)

  7. Built, decorated and started working from my Garden Office - was amazing in the Summer!

  8. I bought Claire Mitchell’s Social Media Sensation - the first thing I bought from her and realised how awesome she was! This is fab if you struggle with coming up with ideas for social media or just want some templates. I’ve been using Canva for years but lived having some templates I could just adapt for my own branding, made things so much quicker and easier (which I'm all about!) 

  9. Discovered I’m actually a bit of an introvert and everything makes sense now!

  10. Launched my 2nd edition of the Abundant Business Planner (the 2022 version!)

  11. Created a From Fear to Freedom Program (It was wonderful but don’t think I’ll be running this again)

  12. Brought back my Powerful Vision Boards Course and bundled it with the 30 Days to an Extra 1K as part of the ‘Best Year Yet’ Bundle.

  13. Bought an IKEA Unit for my daughter’s bedroom to store her many, MANY books which has decluttered and upgraded her room!

  14. My husband finally got me in a Canoe for the first time in over 2 decades! And I loved it! 

  15. Joined Claire Mitchell’s Dream Business Academy on a whim and then very quickly upgraded to her Elite Membership which is just AWESOME and has helped me so much. She’s my new ‘go to’ person and everyone should have her in their life!

  16. Did the Treetop Challenge at Go Ape for the very first time for my daughter’s 7 Birthday - I had to keep reminding my brain that everything was ok and I actually wasn’t going to fall out of a tree!

  17. Celebrated my 40th Birthday and indulged in 3 Afternoon Teas in one week!

  18. Listened to Chillpreneur and Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise DT AGAIN. There is never too many times.

  19. Listened to a Sleep Story on my Calm App 228 nights of the year

  20. Watched A LOT of TV Shows on Netflix!

  21. Created a Vision Board Kit

  22. Watched Schitt’s Creek for the first time - Loved it! Watched it again all the way through since!

  23. Collaborated on a Spring into Success Program

  24. Finally got consistent on Instagram and shared my first Reel! I have lots more Reel ideas for 2022 so follow me here if you're not already!
  25. Went on holiday with my husband and daughter to Wiltshire and Wales.

  26. Lost over half a stone up to my Birthday….and then put it all back on again! Oops!

  27. Started listening to Podcasts again especially Lisa Johnson’s 'Making Money Online', Denise DT's 'Chill & Prosper' and Melanie Miller’s 'The Profit Lovers'.

  28. Drank a LOT of tea!

  29. Transitioned into The Lazy Manifesting Coach

  30. Went back to the Theatre in the West End in the Summer for my Birthday for the first time in a couple of years - was so good to be back!

  31. Upgraded my Website and Course Platform from Podia to Simplero

  32. Went to the Harry Potter Studios with my husband and daughter for my Birthday

  33. Got my Covid Vaccines 1, 2 and 3 (no judging or political debates please)

  34. Taught my daughter to Swim in our Community Pool over the Spring & Summer

  35. Created my ‘30 Days to an Extra 1K’ Manifesting Games (this went so well for the ladies involved who joined me for the very first round in November that I've decided to have this as always available to buy in my shop) 

  36. Taught so many women around the world to say their Affirmations in the shower!

  37. Went on glorious woodland walks with my family

  38. Flew a kite with my daughter and husband at the very top of the West Hill in Hastings

  39. Rode on the miniature railway on Hastings Seafront

  40. Taught my daughter to play air hockey in the arcades!

  41. Listened to Books on Audible for 18.5 hours (which isn’t actually very long for me!)

  42. Signed up to Meet Edgar to help me be more consistent in my Social Media Posting. I've since canceled it again as it didn't work for my business model but it’s great for this of you who struggle to be consistent and I still highly recommend it. I might go back one day

  43. Attended a VIP day at Lisa Johnson’s house in June

  44. Went to Champneys for a Spa weekend with one of my Biz Besties

  45. Spent probably about two weeks of my year voicemailing my Biz Besties - my go to people for when I’m confused and ready to give up, excited and ready for the next level and everything in between

  46. Manifested a place on Hayley Merrick’s Luna Wisdom Course

  47. Found something else to procrastinate with by buying my daughter a hamster for her birthday! He’s cute! But means - procrasti-hamstering!

  48. Tried Caramel Tea for the first time and I’m converted!

  49. I invested in Claire Mitchell’s 30 Day Done for You Launch Kit

  50. I set up my new Affiliate Program

  51. I received income from at least 7 different sources (Courses, Membership, Affiliate Sales, Printed Products, Forex trading etc)

  52. I turned $500 into over $5000 this year with CashFX!

  53. I made the decision to no longer offer 1:1 Coaching Services. I’ve resisted it for so long because everyone else does it so I should too but I just don’t want to! So it won’t be coming with me into 2022!

  54. Got back into better habits with sleep, not staying up too late playing on my phone or scrolling social media but actually reading in bed again (which I love but had forgotten about…) and going to sleep earlier

  55. This helped me create the habit of getting up at about 6am so I can get some things done before my daughter gets up for school. This doesn’t happen every day and sometimes it’s closer to 6.30am but considering I was ‘never a morning person’ this is so good for me and feels awesome to have ticked something off my inspired action list by the time I get home from the school run

  56. Played the Bongos on a Terrace Bar because, why not?!

  57. Spoke at 2 Vision Board Summits, in several Facebook Groups & Memberships and at a Networking Event - I love that I get to share what I do

  58. Attended some Meetings of our local Networking Group Bizzybirds (if you’re in East Sussex then I highly recommend), made some fabulous friends and recently went to their Christmas Party - was SO wonderful to be around actual people again!

  59. Discovered the wonder that is Leonie Dawson! I’m so inspired by her taking her business off social media and would love to do the same!

  60. Took my daughter to Longleat while on holiday which was so much fun

  61. Had a get together with lots of the family (on Gareth’s side) in a beautiful farmhouse in Gloucestershire. Ate, drank (mostly tea for me!) and played games - perfect

  62. I ran the Successful S.A.L.E.S Challenge again in July - but I think that will be the last time. But who knows!

  63. Changed my Membership from being a closed doors that I only open a few times a year to being an Evergreen (as in, always open and available to join) and this suits me better!

  64. Had our coldest February ever living in the Caravan and at one point had to shovel snow off the roof of a shed to melt on the hob so we could flush the toilet as the pipes froze! #CaravanLife

  65. Went to a boot fair for the first time in a few years and made almost £100 - decluttering for the win!

  66. Created some Affirmation Colouring Sheets for my Abundant Business Collective Members and opened an Etsy Store- haven’t done anything else with it yet but it may be on the plan for 2022 (I won’t know until January when I start planning for 2022!)

  67. Wanted to give up my Business and get a ‘normal job’ at least twice! I’m still here though…;)

  68. Played Uno again for the first time in DECADES!

  69. Upgraded my Webcam - my previous one was at least 5 years old and it was time. My new one feels very fancy!

  70. Bought a new Card Deck and took a while to feel connected to them but now love the messages within them. I draw a card every week for my Members, along with the Energy Oracle Card Deck I’ve had for years.

  71. My daughter started Stage School on Saturday Mornings this year and has just performed in her first Christmas Show! Super proud!

  72. Invested in Coaching that wasn’t for my Business but for my health with Julie Sullivan and Cathy Richards

  73. Closed down my old Facebook Page that had over 2.6K Followers and set up a brand new one! Liberating!

  74. Created a Money Manifesting Kit

  75. Took my daughter to see Peter Rabbit 2 and The Boss Baby 2 at the Cinema. I love being able to do this with her now she’s 7 - although I wish she wouldn’t grow up quite so fast!

  76. I got to experience Afternoon Tea with my daughter for the first time as the two of us went to the British Tea Museum - she drank orange juice out of a china cup with her pinky in the air - delightful!

  77. Was upgraded to a Suite in London on my Birthday Weekend and was provided with free Cake at dinner! Amazing!

  78. Got to see the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace for the first time!

  79. I joined the Female Entrepreneur Association for a couple of months at the start of the year but didn’t feel at home there (then I found Claire Mitchell’s Memberships!)

  80. I jumped on several Live calls with Denise DT in her Money Bootcamp (I joined in 2020 but get lifetime access) - I got something from every one because everything happens for a reason

  81. I invested in ANOTHER Pinterest Course but haven’t finished it…..oops!

  82. I got myself back on Youtube and plan to share more content on there in 2022

  83. I read a lot of Books. Too many to mention but my favourite Authors have been James Patterson (as always), Lee Child and Chris Ewan

  84. Helped some wonderful ladies get Clarity on 1:1 calls 

  85. Went Live in my Membership Group almost every single Monday (missed just a couple while on holidays!) 

  86. Canceled my contact lens subscription and am now just buying as and when I need them. Might not sound like much but this is very symbolic of my not worrying so much what people think. I now wear my contacts when I feel like it, not because I feel I should
  87. Got my hair cut short again - I was so ready for a change and loving it already! 

  88. Had calendar alerts and alarms on my phone going off every single day. 

  89. Danced around my room getting ready listening to the Positivity Playlist I made for my Members 

  90. Gained so much clarity this year about what I want, how I want to make money, how I want to help people etc, it's been a journey! 

  91. Enjoyed another series of The Great British Bake Off and my favourite won! But it did remind me how much I love baking and how I haven't done it ‘properly’ in so long because my focus has been on my Business. I intend to change that in 2022!

  92. Moved my Business Bank Account to Starling and love it! 

  93. Created lots and lots and lots and lots and so many lots of social media images, worksheets, guides, and more on Canva - it's probably my most used App! 

  94. Spent far too many hours on social media and intend to reduce this by quite a lot in 2022 as it really drains me.

  95. Sold lots of copies of my Book on Amazon - I'm going to update it in 2022 to make it current and maybe change the cover! 

  96. Took my daughter to a library at least 15 times - we have to get 20 books every time because that's how many she's allowed!

  97. I welcomed some lovely new members into my Abundant Business Collective Membership 

  98. I set up a brand new free Membership - The Freedom Life Club - I was hit with inspiration and acted on it quickly, success loves speed! 

  99. Created an album on my phone called “Reasons why I don't undercharge” and in it I save screenshots of testimonials, tags and comments on social media so I can remind myself how much I impact people when I'm feeling a little low. I encourage you to do something similar!

  100. Tracked my money more often than not. It slipped during Lockdown and over the summer because my office (with my money tracker) was in the garden but the more I tracked, the more showed up. I intend to track EVERY SINGLE DAY in 2022

  101. Caught Covid a few days before Christmas! I’d managed to avoid it for so long!

And there we have it - 101 things I did in 2021!

I'm so excited to see what will make it to the list in 2022! I wish you and your loved ones a wonderfully abundant year of more freedom, ease and choices.

Love Gemma x

P.S. Some of the links you'll find above are Affiliate Links which means I'll earn a little money for sharing them, at no extra cost to you. I appreciate your support x


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