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Who want to combine the powerful inner work of mindset, manifesting and creating techniques with the strategies needed to implement, thrive and transform their businesses.


If you look up the word Collective it describes it as a group of people acting together.

Which is exactly what The Abundant Business Collective is.

We are Female Business Owners who know we can achieve so much more when we support each other, inspire each other, lift each other up and light each other up. When we empower, celebrate, create ideas and help possibilities be seen. When we build valuable relationships and connections and when we can help each other to grow (in Business AND in life).

And because it’s just not as much fun when only one of us is winning!


You love your Business but wish you could feel more successful​ at it;

You dream of reaching 2-5k monthly consistent income in your Business but wonder, realistically, whether you can actually do it;


You feel overwhelmed thinking about having to do 'all the things';


You regularly ask yourself if you're 'good enough' and spend hours scrolling through the internet comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing;


You understand that Mindset can be powerful for helping you to achieve more in your Business but don't know where to begin with it;


You feel lonely sometimes and wish those around you just 'got it';


You feel like you're putting hours and hours into your Business but you're not getting the rewards yet

You want to make more sales but hate the idea of being 'salesy' and worry about what people will think.

You want to grow the Business of your Dreams without feeling like you're sacrificing time with your family or your general happiness;

You feel like there's so much you need to learn on the strategy side of building a business - everything from discovering your ideal client to nailing your brand to killing it on social media - but can't afford to (or just don't want to) spend big money on Coaches.



After spending more than 5 years in this Industry now, and building businesses for over 14 years, these are the fears, doubts and questions I come across the most with the female business owners I meet. Like, All. The. Time.

I do get it, believe me. I've had those very same questions and concerns and I've invested tens of thousands (and just as many hours) to find the answers.

What I learned (and put into practice) changed EVERYTHING for me and has changed so much for those who choose to work with me too.

I don't want it to take this long for you and I want you to get the skills and support you need in an affordable way.


You can be, do and have whatever you want but you'll GET what you THINK you can have. I'm here to motivate you to change what you think is possible.

And I believe that you should be able to get the support, motivation and inspiration you need in your Business without having to spend thousands on Coaches.

When you enrol in the Abundant Business Collective today it's just just £30 p/m (with no tie ins, contracts or hidden fees). 


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Gemma talks about cultivating a positive mindset in a way that I understand and which makes total sense to me. It's not just that she has a firm understanding of how our brains work and how the Law of Attraction "works", it's that she makes it easy to apply it to my everyday life.


Gemma has helped me so much with the tools and techniques that I use every single day and that are having a big effect on my mindset and on my life. 


She gives a huge amount of training in the Collective and gives constant support to her members. Being a part of the Collective is like being home. When I joined it was like coming into a circle with my tribe, it felt so right and so supportive straight away and I’ve not regretted it for a single day since I joined several months ago!


She is helping me enormously with my approach to my business and helping me see that I deserve to be a success, because I already am. I am enough. And I am so ready for more!

Thank you, Gemma! You're amazing!!

Lizzie Dewey -


"She's helping me to see I deserve to be a success!"

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Monthly Mindset & Personal Development Training & Coaching Sessions that will help you grow your Business

There's No Risk With My Cancel Anytime Policy

There’s no tie-in or Contract, so you can come out whenever you like – I only want members in there who are not only seeing real results in their business but who feel a connection with the Community, so I make it easy for you to leave if you don't. Simply cancel your membership (and you can always come back ;) ) The best part is, it's currently only £30 a month for incredible coaching and training for you and your business and what's better, the price for you will never go up even if it goes up for new members. It will remain at the price you paid as long as you’re a member. 

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(Cue cheesy third person Bio...)

Gemma James is a Law of Attraction and Personal Development Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author of the Best Selling Book “You’ve Got This!”. 


She believes that you can be, do and have whatever you want, but you'll GET what you THINK you can have. She's making it her mission to help Women in Business all over the World change what they think is possible, by combining the Law of Attraction with the incredible power of the brain. Lighting you up is what lights her up.


As featured on national TV, on the Entrepreneurs Get Visible Podcast and the Intuitive Leaders Podcast and as a regular Guest Expert and Speaker, she’s the Founder of The Practical Woo Community and The Abundant Business Collective. She's also the founder of Abundant Business Creations, providing Planners, Journals, Notebooks and other Inspirational Products for Women in Business.

When she’s not motivating you to push through comfort zones in your Business, you can find her exploring the woods with her husband and daughter (she’s a newly self proclaimed #NatureNerd) baking treats in the kitchen (so she can eat them after) and binge watching Netflix.